PSE: Adidas ZX 700 Boat “Black”

My search for a Black size 11 in these Adidas ZX700 Boat shoes has come to an end. Released in January 2008, these have been a much sought after shoe for many reasons. The major one for me is that Adidas took the entire sole piece of a running shoe, and combined it with a moccasin upper. Adidas even threw some mesh to the sock liner that reaches below the suede side panel. Take a look…

Personally growing up wearing what many at the time called Moccasins, the minute I saw these Hybrids I wanted them. This concept by Adidas takes on the boat shoe example with a twist. A very nice one at that and it works perfectly. The make-up you will see is made up from Black leather and suede. Suede taking up the toe-box, tongue and side panel areas. Smooth leather is used from the side to-box area and meets all the way around to the center back part of the ankle. It also has some nice metal Hexagon eyelets and metal round eyelet’s for the side panel lacing.

Sometimes taking on a shoe that has a ton of history and trying to transforming it into something unique, becomes a restless fight for some. A fight to try and bring something different to an audience. For Adidas, this was a success story in many corners and if you’ve only seen these in pictures, trust me when I say “You need to see these in person to appreciate”. Especially if you into this kind of look. Now, it’s only a matter of time before we see Adidas bring out another pair of these in GR or Collab release. Like the Neighborhood collaboration.

ENJOY and Props to the designer of these.


Condition – Dead Stock
Color-way – Black1/Darkex/Ligoni
Style Number – 048477
Year – 2008
Size – 11
Made in China
Images are also up on my Flickr.

Photography by Vagrant Sneaker©. All Rights Reserved.


One thought on “PSE: Adidas ZX 700 Boat “Black”

  1. Never really paid this shoe much mind but I should’ve, they are impressive. That midsole color with the black upper is on point!

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