Live Blog: Nike iD Studio New York City: Air Max 1 Studio Options

Update: 8.18.10 – Added one image of a sample AM1 iD in the Fall Options.

I’m heading to the Nike iD Studio to design a couple of Air Max 1’s. This is basically going to be a live post of me going down the exclusive options you can only use at the Studio. This is my first time doing this, so hopefully it will go well. If not, I tried and will figure it out another time. Hope you join me on this trip that will be blogged lived from my iPhone 4.

2:40pm – On my way to the studio for my 3:30pm appointments.

3:18pm – I have to bump the appointments to 5:00pm due to a delay. 😦

4:34pm – Just arrived at Nike Town.

5:00pm – Designing some shoes. New color for AM 1 in studio are for boot leather. It is called Golden Harvest.

5:18pm – Posted a picture of the mesh on my Flicker. You be the judge.

5:20pm – They have AM1 samples. I’ll have pics for tomorrow.

5:35pm – Created a AM1 in a military colorway.

5:40pm – Created a AM1 using utility orange. The Pinstripe option is not available and I think u can only put it on the toe box area.

6:19pm Taking pictures of the samples. The leather boot option is really nice. Leather materials feel good overall. Nice and smooth.

6:20pm – Posted a group picture of the AM1s on my Twitter.

6:28pm – Yes, the toe box are inconsistent on the samples. But, we knew about this problem. Again, the boot leather is much nicer than expected.

6:38pm – About to post some images on my twitter. Boot leather, Crepe sole, etc.

6:41pm – Posted a Crepe sole pic on twitter.

6:46pm – Posted a side profile of an Air Max 1 with Boot Leather and Crepe Sole on twitter.

6:58pm – This session is only on the Air Max 1 in-studio options. I will not cover the Air Max 90. I will do the same thing for the AM90 in a couple of weeks.

7:00pm – Just posted a close up of the AM1 toe box on twitter.

7:10pm – Really liking this boot leather. Too bad it’s only available on the mudguard, back overlay, and swoosh. 😦 Personally really liking the quality of it. It doesn’t feel cheap at all. You guys be the judge of it. When I post the pics I took with my cam. (Everything posted on Twitter is with my iPhone.)

7:18pm – Both my AM1 iD’s will have the crepe sole. I need more colors!!!!!!

7:20pm – Shout out to Brent L, a Nike iD design specialist helping me and BIG SHOUT out to Daryl Love!

7:27pm – I’m done taking pictures for the article and I’m done with my session.

7:35pm – For the emails received, I’ll reply in the article to the questions asked. Thanks for joining me on this journey and I will be doing the same thing for the Air Max 90s.

Ordered 2 AM1 iDs that are very simple. One with the new colors of Grove green, Utility Orange, and Yellow. Also added Black and White to the design.

The other iD is one I was going to design with the original options but was holding back because I thought these options were an addition. It’s Black, Light Charcoal, Silver, and Utility Orange. Kept the air bubble grey.

Catch you on the next one. If anyone else has any questions, send me an e-mail at or leave a comment below.


I wanted to add this nicer and larger image of one of the sample AM1 iD’s in the Fall options. Enjoy for now…

[click image for larger view]

Photography by Vagrant Sneaker ©. All rights reserved.


9 thoughts on “Live Blog: Nike iD Studio New York City: Air Max 1 Studio Options

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  3. No Problems AMJ. I have a ton of designs in my head too. I made two simple ones, but right now I’m going crazy with ideas on the builder. Aside from the limited colors, I think these options are great overall.

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