Exclusive: Nike Air Force 1 MX iD At Nike Town New York City

UPDATE 6.23.10: This is no longer available at Niketown, NYC.

Ever wanted to make the $820 Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke, but can’t seem to find the funds? Did you know that there was another Air Force 1 iD that is right below the Bespoke and above the regular Air Force 1 iD’s?  Well, here you get to see what the Premium Air Force 1 MX iD is about. At $300, it reasonably priced with options that include the popular clear mid-sole and even some of that Black Magic in various colors.

Color Palette

The color palette is presented in an array of nineteen color options on different materials. There’s a MeshPatent LeatherLuxe SuedeLuxe Full Grain Leather, and Black Magic option. Below is the listed hues for each fabric.

Black Magic

Above you get to see two samples of the seven step journey presented by Nike iD (images coming soon of the other 4). It lets you see some examples on how Black Magic can be used; One thing to note is it that, Black Magic can only be used on the Navy mid-sole because of color bleeding. It comes in four colors of Hot RedDel SolSea Green, and Hyper Blue.


There is a mesh option for the shoe. It only comes in one color and fabric option. It’s called Metal Origami. Check the swatch image above for a preview; It’s the Silver one on the top right.

Patent Leather

The Patent Leather option allows you to choose from eight colors. They are WhiteBlackHyper Blue,  Sea GreenDel SolHot RedNew Magenta, and Court Purple.

Luxe Full Grain Leather

Beautiful full grain leather is available in the hues of BlackDark GreyPlatinum, and White.

Luxe Suede

You also get the buttery smooth Luxe Suede in only two colors. They are Matte Silver, and  Anthracite.

Your Personal iD

You can also choose the option of getting your own name on the side of the mid-solet or get it on the popular Air Force 1 metal tag.

The Air Force 1 MX iD gives you some sweet options for less than half of the Bespoke model. Yes, it’s not all that you can do with a Bespoke as far as materials, but this is a pretty sweet spot for those looking into making a pair of Air Force 1 iD’s. It allows you to make a stunning make-up that is all your own.

The MX iD was originally only available at Nike Sports Wear 21 Mercer in NYC. Now, it is currently available at Nike Town, NYC for a limited time. It may stay longer, but that’s all in due time. For now, head to Nike Town in Midtown Manhattan to see the rest of the samples and get to play with the iD builder exclusively at the Nike iD Studio (sorry, no Mx Builder online).

Since the samples only showcase how the materials look and their placement, here are two Air Force 1 MX iD’s done by Adam Sofa. It will give you a better idea on what can be created. You may have seen them before, but here’s a refresher.

So, there you have it. Get your Air Force 1 Mx iD groove on at Nike Town or NSW 21 Mercer. The entry price of $300 and the available options should finally sooth your thirst for that Air Force 1 iD itch. Sure it’s not a replacement for the Bespoke, but it’s pretty damn close. Also, if you do make one, don’t forget to post them on the TSG community. You never know if we may ask to do a story on it.

Photography by Vagrant Sneaker ©

Midsole Option One

Midsole Option Two

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Nike Town- Nike iD Studio

6 E. 57th Street

New York City, New York 10022


Nike Sports Wear

21 Mercer Street

New York City, NY 10022



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