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Just as the Nike Air Max 1 iD “Spring Options” released, the Air Max 90 silently released a few updates to it’s own palette. So silent, that the Nike iD studio had no idea about them and ,as you can see, I silently ordered one. So, take a Fresh Look journey with me on the idea behind this iD and more importantly, what the quality is like.

Nike iD Builder Screen Shot of Composite

The Nike Air Max 90 iD update had one color in peticular that held my interest. It is the Team Orange hue; This color is also available on the AM1 now. With that, I am able to create a shoe that has two of my favorite colors in a mix, Orange and Green. These two hues are always a really good mix. Especially when put together with neutral colors. It also happens to match my leg tattoo of a Koi fish that is also in green and orange. That being a factor as to why I was waiting for this color.

Team Orange:

I always try my hardest to color correct my images, so that iD fans that can’t make it to the Nike iD studio can get a better representation of the hue and order with confidence. With that said, the Team Orange above is pretty accurate as can be (it is slightly darker in real life). I would say that it is a very rich Orange pigment. It looks like a ripe Tangerine of sorts. If your a fan of orange, you’ll be very happy with this hue of it.


The overall quality of the iD is surprisingly very good. The synthetic suede is what I would call a true synthetic suede; Whereas the suede on the AM1 iD is a synthetic felt suede, this AM90 suede is much nicer. It’ s stronger, thicker, and holds pigments better, giving it a nicer color saturation. You’ll get an example of both suedes and Team Orange when I get in my AM1 iD from a similar color-up (should be here next week).

The shape is pretty good, and much better then the AM1 iD. I do have one personal gripe. I did notice that it does have suede over-hang on the toe-cap area (look at the very first image). It slightly hangs over the front part of mid-sole. Nothing crazy, but figure I mention it. Also, the mudguard is pretty big when compared to official releases. Again, nothing to worry about.

The sock liner is made from a tight knit mesh. It feels good, but has a slippery coating. The same can be said for the in-sole. It also has the same shiny slippery coat. Whether this is a good thing or not, I don’t know. As of right now, it does look nice and I like it. I’ll have to re-visit this on another AM90 iD, as I have yet to wear them.

The leather option available is pretty good. It’s soft, which in hand makes it flexible. This is a good thing because you don’t want a hard leather toe-box. That will get you creases very fast. This soft leather will help prevent that. Of course, it is leather and will eventually wrinkle somewhat. To prevent it, maybe try stuffing the shoe or use Force Field toe box de-cresers. What ever suits your taste. In any case, I’m impressed with it (You can use the Ripstop option, but I’m not a fan of it because it does wrinkle fast. I’ve even seen pairs come wrinkled already. Others beg to differ, but it all comes down to personal taste).

One more thing that was noticeable is that these ran a bit big. Half size down if you do order a pair. Even though I did try on their AM90 Try-on for fit, it seems that those do not match current sizing.

So, there you have it. A simple break down of the Nike Air Max 90 iD shoe, which is technically your own personal sample. This is my first one and it will not be my last either. I have plans for two more. One, using the new Mint color now available and the second will be based around this LunarGlide color-up.

Stay tuned for more write ups of my personal iD collection.

ForecastWhat else is coming?

One thing everyone is waiting for is the return of the mesh option on the AM90 iD. I can tell you that as of this writing, there are talks about it at the Nike iD camp. Let’s hope and wish that it does happen. Also, they have yet to receive the iD swatches for the AM1 or AM90 Summer Options. Rest assured, once they do get them, I will be there to capture them.

Photography by Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker©. All rights reserved. You want to use my images? Make sure you give me credit and link back to my blog. That’s all I ask.


Fresh Look: Nike Air Max 90 iD “Koi Fish Pack” 1 of 2 – 2010

5 thoughts on “Fresh Look: Nike Air Max 90 iD “Koi Fish Pack” 1 of 2 – 2010

  1. These are actually really nice. I’m not a huge fan of EITHER color, but you’re right, the two do blend nicely. Well done. I made some AM90s, one with a black/white/pink colorway (to kind of represent the Yeezy’s) and a grey/hot red (infrared) pair. I call those my Pigeons lol.

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