Video: Nike Innovation, A Step Further: Jesse Leyva Explains


The guys over at were given the opportunity to take a trip in 2009 to London for Nike Sportswear’s Spring/Summer 2010 media presentation. At the event they were able to sit down and do a video chat with Jesse Leyva, Nike Design Director Of Footwear.


Below is a video that will give you an idea of what Nike wants to do with their classic shoes and future releases. Also, what to expect this year. Sit back and enjoy…

BTW, It’s about time Nike understands the word Hybrid. It shouldn’t be about putting different parts of shoe’s together so they don’t work. Right? It should always have been about Innovation. It should have gone like this “What made this classic shoe work in the past, and how can we innovate it for the Future”…carry on


Above Via: Source

Added Bonus: Jesse Leyva Talks Torch technology:


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