The next of the 4 iD’s I received last week is called “Blue Moon“.  Originally, I wasn’t going to do it but a Nike Air Max 1 iD from fellow ISS member Konradsk changed my mind. What you see above is a little different than what I had…

My fourth Nike iD design comes in an almost all black color-up. You can see the original design above that was slightly changed. Instead of just having the swoosh in white, I made the out-sole and laces white to match. The reason for the changes came from a Nike iD from fellow ISS member, Konradsk. His design was very similar to mine, but with added white accents. I liked it so much that I changed mine to almost match his. The only thing different between mine and his is that his quarter panel is colored (image below). Mine stayed black.

K0nradsk’s Nike Air Max 1 iD – 2009 (Big Props to Konradsk’s design)

The Concept:

Make an almost all black shoe with just a hint of a color and white to the shoe; Black, White, and Hyper Blue make this idea come to life.

The Idea:

I wanted to create a shoe based on the Blue Moon. It’s a extra moon that occurs in years that have thirteen full moons.


A very simple idea that was done easily without any fuss. All I did was find a picture of the Blue Moon for reference; If you look at the picture of the Blue Moon you can see blue and white in the mix. It obviously comes out at  night, so it’s surrounded by a dark sky. A very simple concept to make.


The make-up uses Hyper Blue on the toe cap, mudguard and sock liner. Accents of White are added to three areas of the shoe. The first is for the out-sole, than the swoosh (looks more like a bone color on suede) and lastly the laces. Black is used on the mesh, overlay, quarter panel and midsole. Nothing crazy, but a nice design that really looks nice on the feet. I even may consider a second color in the same exact color blocking.

Advice: (If you read this already skip it. It’s the same)

If you notice my FLICKR, you will see a lot of make-ups I was working on. It became hard to decide on what two to order. With some tuff choices, I start with my order of two. I almost ordered another two, but decided to wait a little. This actually worked to my benefit because when I received them, I was able to get a better idea of the materials.

Unfortunately, when you work with the online iD studio, you will get a limited vision of what your design will look like. This can actually be a bad thing if you have never done an iD, like myself. I say that because I had no idea how the materials would work with each other. To add to that case, I found out the hard way. This Nike iD “Mid-Night Rose” actually came out better than what I had expected. On the other case, the other Nike iD I ordered, not so much. Hey, you live and learn (I have included a picture of it at the very bottom).

The reason I explained the above is that, once I received my first 2 iD’s, my design ideas changed drastically. I was also able to get a better idea of what the real life materials looked liked. This got me thinking of other concepts to design over my current ones. I went back to the drawing board and designed four more which were very different from my others. I’m now patiently awaiting these four…

If you have a Nike iD studio, I urge you to visit it. This will give you a better idea of what you are working with. It will allow you to see sample swatches and sample shoes in different make-ups. By doing this, it will help you understand your design better or change your idea in total. Yes you can return it if you are not happy with the results, but do you really want to wait another 4 to 5 weeks?


Hyper Blue synthetic suede on the mudguard/toe cap and  sock liner.

Black synthetic suede on the overlay and quarter panel.

Black mesh.

White laces.

White synthetic swoosh (it will look more like a bone color).

White out-sole.

Black mid-sole.

Personal iD: Vagrant Sneaker

Date Ordered:

December 9, 2009

Date Received:

January 8, 2009

This image was hard for me to get true to color because of the color. I tried as best as I could. Close, but no cigar.

I call this make-up “Blue Moon“.

Side View.

Angled Shot.

Top View.


Quarter Panel.


Top View of toe-box.

Tongue and tag.

Inside view.


This is three of four Nike Air Max 1 iD’s that I received last week. Stay tuned for the next write-up on the one called “Purple Poo Monster“.


Customizer: Nike Air Max 1 iD 2009 “Blue Moon”- Detailed Look

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