Grand Opening: Patta Precinct 5 – part 1 of 2

This weekend will see the grand opening of the premier retail boutique Precinct 5 located at Amsterdam in the Netherlands. If you live in Amsterdam, you may have seen the pre-grand opening to invited guest only yesterday. As for you, the consumer, you’ll have to wait until the weekend. Patta, EnPLUS, Stussy oh my!

Check the new Patta projects after the jump, with a preview of their new brand.

Precinct 5 is a project endeavor by Patta (Malvin Wix, Gee Schmidt and Edson Sabajao), Massive Music and will also include the likes of Stussy and Enplus (Denham x Patta). It is a retail location that will house a new Stussy Chapter store, be home to an Enplus shop and is in Patta’s hometown, Amsterdam. You will be able to find cloth brands such as Stussy, Patta name branded clothing and collaborations, head Porter, Ransom, A.P.C., Norse Projects, OriginalFake, Bedwin and The Heartbreakers to name a few.

Precinct 5 will take home in a retired police station of the same name. This second home for Patta is a big step in a completely new evolution and vision for their future products. So, to mark this special event, they will unveil their 4th and last Nike x Patta Air Max 1 shoe. This last shoe, in the series, will be sold at Precinct 5 exclusively and be released on the 18th of December..

Enplus [pronounced andPLUS] is a collaboration effort between Patta and denim maker Denham. It’s a project of co-branding to celebrate the opening of the store. This will be their first new brand to come out as a representation of things to come from Precinct 5. With that being said, they will kick it off with 2 new items readily available when the store opens. The collaboration is called Collusion and it includes a jean denim and the other, a 2pak tee. Check it…

Denim:…the premium edition is crafted in 22-dip Japanese narrow-loom selvedge and features anodized trumpet-shank buttons on the fly. Other details like the full waistband embroidery; “Honorable Men Go With Honorable Men,”, the high gloss black leather waistband label with EnPlus emboss, black twill interior fly taping and interior pocketbag imprint are all common to both denim styles.

The project has been characterized by an positivistic realness embodied by WixGee and Edson. Jean culture attracts purism like knees attract grass-stains but there are endless types of purism when it comes to denim. In the case of the EnPlus crew one core element of the blue jean design dogma is the all-important cuff width. The discussion surrounding the ideal cuff width was long, rigerous and exacting. For those of us on the Denham team it was an unexpected chance to witness a spin on jean oriented passion that was entirely new. Even Jason with decades of denim experience hadn’t been exposed to this particular orientation before.

2White Tee: Reaching back to the days when we would crack open a 2-pack of white tee shirts with the broad self-satisfied grin of guys that can put off the laundry for another weekend, the Collusion tee shirts are offered two-at-a-time in a subtle slub-jersey and feature articulated lower hem-drop creating shirt tails that are part of DENHAM’s own tee signature launching within their Spring 2010 assortment.

So there it is. Patta making major moves to top off their 5 year anniversary. These guys have been very busy. Almost making it seem like they’ve been doing this a lot longer than just 5 years. I’m very much looking forward to their future projects…

Check out Part 2 which gives you an inside look of the retail space.


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