News Break: Hanon x New Balance X Eschler "Bionic Project"

Update 1 – 11.30.09: Check out 2 new videos and pics of the shoes after the jump

New Balance has been making some major waves this year with some quality projects only they could bring you. So it comes to no surprise that Hanon picks NB to work on an up coming three way project which also includes the company Eschler (this is not the first time Hanon works with NB). They call it the “Bionic Project“. The idea of the project is to explore possibilities of combining a performance fabric, to one of the iconic NB shoes.

This latest project helmed by Hanon will incorporate innovative fabrics by Eschler of Switzerland. Eschler is known for manufacturing state of the art textiles for the outdoor and the sports industry. The fabric they will be using is called Ceramic E3+; Ceramic E3+ is printed with a polyurethane ceramic coating and embedded with diamond hard particles. The material is lightweight, water resistant, breathable and extremely durable.

The trend towards using finer and softer fabrics in the production of outdoor wear contradicts the clothing’s practical specifications which require robustness and durability. Eschler E3+ pushes these boundaries as the ceramic printed fabric offers the perfect synergy for both wearing comfort and resistance to mechanical wear.

Fabric Characteristics

  • Significantly higher wear and abrasion resistance than regular fabrics.
  • Lightweight performance fabric. Breathable and weather resistant.
  • Polyurethane based coating embedded with diamond hard ceramics particles.
  • Completely free of solvents.

There will be two shoes that compromise the Bionic Project. Each model will have a fully customizable upper that will feature distinct details unique to the release. Both of these models will be constructed at the world famous New Balance Flimby Factory using only premium materials. These will be unveiled in December.

I’m always interested in new ideas and looking forward to new technologies used on outerwear. That being said; Combined with one of the top shoes makers in the world, New Balance, we can only imagine the quality product that will come to be.

Stay tuned for more info as it comes.


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