Fresh Look: iPhone Sneaker Application – "Sole Search"


You ever in a town, city, state or other country where you wish you knew where some of the sneakers boutiques were? Wish there was an iPhone app that allowed you to search in the area your in? Well look no further “Sole Search” is here.

Pangea Subsidiaries releases Sole Search. The first Global iPhone app that allows you to search for sneaker boutiques where ever you go. By compiling hundreds of sneaker boutiques around the world, you are able to search to your hearts content. You don’t even need a name of the retail store. Just type either the city, state or zip code and Sole Search does the rest. Wanna keep some stores saved? No problem. It has a handy book mark feature. It even allows you to add a sneaker boutique that may not be listed. All at the palm of your fingertips. Here’s a description from Pangea Subsidiaries…


The app is out now for download on your iPhone, iTouch and computer iTunes. Just search Sole Search and it will pop up. The app is not free, but comes at a very reasonable price of  $0.99. Check a video of the app in action here and their website, PRSVR.


o   SoleSearch Database – hundreds of independent sneaker boutiques stats (phone number, name, and location) from across the world, or closest to your current or requested location.

o   Add-A-Store- Ability to add store suggestions to the ever-growing database of boutiques in case we may have forgotten any.

o   Google Maps- SoleSearch is directly tied into the Maps application on the iPhone to give users turn by turn, walking, and public transportation routes to the desired boutique from requested location.

o   Bookmarks– ‘Favorite’ stores that you have visited or wanted to visit and have them all saved in a different section to always have the ability to reference them.

o   Also- more features being developed to be unveiled in future updates to the SoleSearch Mobile App.




This was a pretty good idea I should have capitalized on. I actually thought about making this earlier in the year with a friend. Guess some one beat me to it. Let’s see how well it is…


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