Sale Alert: Alife Warehouse Clearance Sale

Update : 10.24.2009: after the jump with inventory photos.

Just in……Alife will be having a huge warehouse sale. You’ll be able to pick up merchandise from their 6 year catalog. The reason for this massive sale? They will be changing warehouse locations.

Instead of just transporting their merchandise, they will sell it ALL off. You will find a wide assortment of t-shirts, head wear, hats, sweatshirts, accessories, and footwear. Expect 50% to 80% off everything! The catch…you can only serve them cash. No credit cards folks.

I’ll be there tomorrow and will let you know more once I’m back. I’m curious as to what sneakers will be there. Is it just their brand name or others also.

* So the only thing on sale is THEIR name brand, Alife. You will not find any collaboration merchandise at all.

359 Lafayette Street
Between Bond Street and Bleecker Street,
New York, NY, 10012 October 23rd – November 1st.
11am – 7pm.


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