Nike Air Max 1 "West – Red" ND Mis-Matched Toe Box

This past week the Nike Air Max 1 “West – Red” was finally released and I picked up a pair at Nike Sports Wear 21 Mercer in NYC. I knew that I was going to eventually buy another pair of these and today I did. Fast forward 15 minutes after purchase and something told me to check the shoes. I opened the box and what a surprise I received.

There has been talk about a toe box issue in a Sole Collector thread here and I couldn’t believe the picture that was posted. I thought the person took the picture wrong. I say this because sometimes if you don’t take a direct top view photograph of the toe box, you’ll get a different deceiving image of the shape. I was so surprised that I ended up going outside and taking a picture of my toe box because it looked much better than that (images below).

Look at what my curiosity got me. Two TOTALLY different toe box shapes. Word of advice if you want these. Go to any store carrying them and have them bring you multiple pairs so you don’t end up with what I did. Yes, I returned them and had them bring me up another two pairs to choose from. Now my new pair match up and are on ice.

Good Luck!

BTW, anyone wanting to go purchase these at Nike Sports Wear 21 Mercer in NYC should only bother if your a size 10 or 12. That’s all they have left. At the moment Nike Town would be your best bet to get these.

What is Nike thinking and where is their quality control?

Here’s the picture from Sole Collector thread.

am 1 west tobox1 2

The picture of my toe box. Big difference between the two. Mine is still off though but much better than the above shape.


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