Nike iD Air Max 90 Premium Materials

I went to Nike iD at Nike Town NYC to check the materials for my Air Max 90 Premium (These materials are probably some of the best Nike has to offer) I wanted to make and was a bit disappointed with some of the colors in real life. All the colors represented online for these materials are some what off. I don’t know how it is for the regular iDs, but when I compared my creation to the real life samples, it was a eye opener. Even the rep replied “Yeah, the colors are very dark online”.

The colors I had a problem with are;

Pony is a lot lighter and looks more like an auburn color. Which is fine with me, but may throw off some people.
Smoke on the mid-sole looks like night and day when compared to the online color to real life sample. It looks more like a weird brown. Online it looks like a shade of grey.
Hot Red is as close as you are going to get to an official infrared. It looks nice but looks nothing like the red online. It’s in the bright pink category.
The other 2 colors I was using, Beach and Swan, were fine. Maybe beach is a little lighter but not drastically.

Anyone with interest in these colors, if you can, make it to the id studio to look at first.

My creation looked very different when I started to play with the color swatches and began to put them up against the AM90 samples. It wasn’t bad, but it definitely didn’t look like my picture below. So after a few minutes of thinking, I told the rep to go ahead and order it. The main reason I did that was because you can return it if you are not satisfied with the outcome. There’s no fee either for the return which is convenient.

Just as we were about to place the order, the fire alarm rings. They evacuated the building for about 20 minutes before they let everyone back in. As I enter to go back up to the id studio, the alarm rings again and there’s a little confusion as to whether to evacuate again or disregard the alarm until they shut it off. Evacuation number 2 starts. After waiting for about 20 minutes, they decide to close Nike Town down and cancel a Nike iD event I was invited to attend and write an article on. Maybe this was a sign from some where not to order the iD. Now that I’m home I’m glad I didn’t. In a way it sucks too because I was going to take pictures of all the Premium iD Samples they had and add them to this post.

The only good thing that came out of this is, according to the repEvelyn“, the AM1 iD should be dropping around the 18th. This is not a true confirmation, but she did say that it was around that time.

Here’s the id I went to go do. I call it Arabian Mane. This was going to be a fall/winter shoe for me.

The main idea came from some old boots I used to have a long time ago. They were in a similar color and had red laces. I also looked at my Air Max 1 “Safari” 2008 and looked at the mid-sole color. It was a slight off white. That’s where the Beach color on this mid-sole came from. My Safaris also had the alternate pink laces on them. That too was a deciding factor for the Hot Red laces and air bag. Than, the Smoke around the air unit and heel guard come as the compliment neutral color for the shoe.

I may still order it and see how it really turns out. I really like the quality of all these materials and would hate to miss out on them. But than again, AM1 iD is coming around the corner and I will guarantee that I will go ballistic. One last thing…Below is the link to the AM90 Premium iD that will take you there. These materials are suppose to be in-store exclusive. The rep was surprised I was able to design it online.

Here you go: Air Max 90 Premium


3 thoughts on “Nike iD Air Max 90 Premium Materials

  1. Would’ve been a dope shoe if it was identical to the pic. Things happen for a reason, so the alarm situation was a sign to hold off.

    Eitherway good i.d

  2. I just bought some Nike’s on but the colour that I chose was red but turn out that the colour in real life is to bright and ugly can I returned the trainers or they just got rotten inside the box forever ..can someone help do they take it back and i don’t know change the colour ??

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