Nike Air Force 1 – Street Style Borrows From Performance

We seen a lot of different colorways from Nike within the last two years on the Air Force 1. Some impressive, others bland, and some seen before. The one question I have always asked and had numerous conversations about is, “Where does Nike sometimes get their c/w’s (colorway) from?”. Do they go to different lines of their product and see what other teams are doing?  Maybe look at food labeling and packaging? Well, here’s a glimpse into where Nike has taken c/w inspirations for the Air Force 1’s recent releases in 2008 and 2009.

You may have originally guessed right about where that c/w came from when you picked up or looked at that Air Force 1. Some of you were probably right or wrong. As you can see from the images, you now know what inspired those c/w’s on the Air Force 1.  What do you guys think? What was obvious and what was not so obvious?  If you also look at the group image, you can see the Air Force 1 Safari compared with the OG safari. We all knew where that c/w came from.



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