New Balance 575 "White Pigeon" Release Recap.


First, let me start by saying that I’m now a contributing writer, graphic designer and photographer for the It’s a sneaker news website if you didn’t know. My passion for sneakers, runners and trainers specifically, is at a very high point in my life. So, it only makes sense to try and get involved in the industry. So, I did. It goes to show that when you put 110% into something you love, something big comes back at you. You can catch my ARTICLE there, on the release re-cap of the “New Balance x Jeff Staple 575 v2 White Pigeons”. I have a bunch of photos time-lined, and detailed images of the shoe itself. Anyway, I look forward to providing the sneaker community with exclusive news, interviews, photographs and videos you will only be able to catch at and here, my blog. You can also catch me on aka ISS, in the running forum section. I hang out there a lot and have taken in a lot of helpful information from the community. User name: Vagrant

One last thing. My main focus will be on runners and trainers specifically. Not saying that I will not write about anything else, but that is my cup of tea.

Just arriving with my messenger bag, canteen, and a bag of food and fruits from ‘Whole Food Market’.

Another shot of the very first campers.

Pic. 1 – Window while Reed space is open. Pic. 2- Window after Reed Space closed.


Notice the black chair on the left side of the photos. That’s where I was sitting.

Another shot of the front of the line before open.

Closer look of the line right before opening.

Tim, one of the campers, making purchase number 9.



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