Reebok x Kicks/Hi Reverse Jam

After a couple of weeks, due to a delay in my order, I received the Reebok x Kicks/Hi Reverse Jam from Kicks/Hi in Hawaii (thanks to Justin from Kiks/Hi for making it happen). Let me start by saying that I’m a big fan of green and orange together as colors. These were colors I constantly used in my projects while I attended college (I have a degree in computer science; web, graphic and 3d design) and these colors also made out my portfolio website. So when I saw that Kicks/Hi was doing a collab with Reebok on a Reverse Jam and it included these colors, I wanted it badly (they also did a black/orange c/w of the shoe). There was another shoe that came out in 2007 that I would love to own with these colors also. It was a collab between Agency Habbekrats, Gee (sneaker store Patta)  and K. de Koning (dutch hip-hop producer) with Nike, that resulted in the Air Max 90 Homegrown. Love that sneaker. Anyway, this shoe is made up of a full green-upper-perf-suede. Some nice orange and white paint splatter on the mid-sole that seems to be popular these days. On the heel of the left foot has the half word “HONO” and the right foot “LULU”. Obviously spelling the capital of Hawaii, Honolulu. It came with the laces you see in the pics and another pair of plain white. They also threw in a new t-shirt design of theirs (pic at bottom) for the first orders or while supplies lasted. For my inconvenience, they also threw in a grey shirt that has the stores logo on the left hand sleeve and the stores name on the top back area of the collar with the year they opened, 2001.

Click below for the rest of the words and images…

The shoe is the early 90’s court classic that’s has been untouched in the feature dept and has been getting a lot of love from Reebok recently. The technology that is in this Reebok is the “HEXALITE”. “The honeycomb is one of the strongest yet lightest shapes found in nature. With modification, it was the theory behind the development of Reebok’s Hexalite technology. The Hexalite honeycomb design spreads shock over a large area than EVA or polyurethane. As a result it combines cushioning and light weight for superb performance.” That’s right off the hang tag on the shoe. The price tag?  $100 for both items and only 30 pairs for online ordering. Not bad at all considering the type of detail/materials the shoe is made up of. Enjoy the pics.

BTW, the green in the pics don’t justify the sneakers actual color. It’ a lot brighter. When I take a pic of them this weekend, at the location I’m thinking about, it’ll show how green they really are. I also added a picture of the Air Max 90 “Homegrown”.



Air Max 90 “Homegrown”



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