4 New Shoes To My Set

About a month and a half ago (april/may), I added four new shoes to my set. I wanted something with a dash of pink in it and came across the AM1 “flamingo” (what I like to call them; pic 1). Than I came across a sale for the bronze medal pack for $50. I really like the simple c/w on these (pic 2) and the materials are great. I think these, like the AM90 “Olympic”, are very underrated GR shoes. Next up, was a shoe I was waiting for release, The Ascis x David Z “Super Blue” (pic 3). I picked up last years model which are ok (one of my beaters now), but this year model top’s all their prior releases. I really like this c/w! Last but not least, was the Nike Presto “black/white” (pic 4). Lucky for me, Nike decided to retro them these this year. I’m looking forward to some great c/w’s on these shoes!! BTW..these are the most comfortable shoes I have EVER worn.

Next blog will be about the one shoe I’ve been trying to track down, in my size, since I got into the shoe game.

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2 thoughts on “4 New Shoes To My Set

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